Prayer While Fasting

Slow down the day, dear Father
Slow down the falling of the leaves
Let’s pause this moment
Freeze the rustling of the sheaves
And calm the storm within me
Rest my mind’s factory
Clear the inner skies blue
Lift the fog for the view to see
Eternity, blessed treasures
Beyond time, space, dimension
Prepared for me to enjoy
Such a beauty beyond mention
Why am I always in a hurry?
Why am I so anxious to curry?
A favor, a piece of respect
Some temporary thing of no hurry
Is that how small I am?
Is that how shallow my existence?
Take me to a deeper place
Where my heart won’t meet resistance
There I can be truthfully safe
There I can fully immerse
With you I am not afraid of the Book
With you I learn to love each verse
And all the dreams and worries
They don’t matter much anymore
I have everything I need in You
Yet You say You have more in store

Teach Me to Hallow Your Name

I have failed all around me
In manners only I know
But all my ways are before You
Yet I find Your love more so
Why did You make that happen?
Who are You, most kind?
To give me new mercy today
To give me Your hand to find
Your firm and loving grip
From a lover so securely faithful
Reminding me who holds me
Is great, mighty, and graceful
And He’s leading me away
From the condemnation of I
He’s bringing me near to stay
In His embrace, the apple of His eye
So teach me to hallow Your name
I adore Your beautiful name
The name I call early in the morning
The name that saved when it came

Refined by Pleasure and Pain

You who placed this dream
Led me to rest by Your stream
You who fanned this fire
Sustain it that I never tire
Of burning brightly in love
To reflect Your glory above
Yet Your beautiful fire
Was my furnace of desire
Both glorious to behold
And so painful in ways untold
As it refined the selfish out
As it reminds of what life’s about
That we may thrive without doubt
As we walk the pleasure of this route