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Missionaries Not Mercenaries

I wrote a post for our company blog on the type of team we’re building. As readers of my blog know, business is a big part of how I express the freedom and creative calling God has given all of us. I’ve come to appreciate the shared thoughts and ideas of other business people as I’ve learned a lot from. I told myself that I would be as generous as possible in business as well.

Building a great team is incredibly important for success in anything, and a great level of care and deliberate action goes into this exercise. At Bridge, through a lot of trial and testing, we’re learning more about the type of person we’re looking for to achieve our mission. Here is our list so far: Missionaries Not Mercenaries

Thanks Alexi!

Photo by Kat Malilin

Here comes a long one… As I was answering emails I felt a deep sadness that @lexisafari (middle) is about to go on her “sabbatical”. But I’m proud of two things: I’m proud that the organization we have attracts and develops such amazing talent and I’m proud that even with her leaving, @elevationpartners is poised to have it’s best year yet in 2016. In both of these respects, Alexi deserves much of the credit. This is how we should lead our lives and organizations: Live and Lead Beyond Yourself. Don’t worry about your legacy. Concern yourself with your performance. Don’t worry about receiving credit. Be concerned about your usefulness. Don’t worry about your life. Love others tangibly and your life will work itself out beautifully. And like I’ve said before, always always make sure, that when you say goodbye, you leave others better than when you said hello. It’s good I’m not at the office today. Contrary to popular belief I do get emotional. At least it’s just a sabbatical… So I tell myself. This is her with @mikomiso and @katmallills making coffee for the Yello Digital Media CEOs in our last meeting. (Handy that they’re certified baristas!) I love the spirit of this team. Hardworking, creative, always ready to serve, always seeking to stretch and grow, and proof that this generation can be great. #db #team #sabbatical #ep #leadifferent

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