Books for February 2015

Here’s a list of books I’m reading this February.

1. The 5 Choices by Kory Kogon, Adam Merrill, and Leena Rinne
– Very practical book to help people manage themselves, their people, and overwhelming information and distractions coming at us. Very easy read but useful.

2. Li Ka Shing Hong Kong’s Elusive Billionaire by Anthony B. Chan
– Interesting story of a man who was formerly Asia’s richest.

3. Brain Rules by John Medina
– John Medina makes science incredibly accessible and useful. Great book for parents and teachers.

4. The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller
– Great book on marriage that focuses on heart issues before techniques. Definitely a book I would recommend.

5. Frederick the Great, A Military History by Dennis Showalter
– This is a very military-inclined book (hence the title) but still interesting for people who like reading about great men in history. Like everyone who lives larger than life, he has his share of flaws, challenges, detractors, but nonetheless one of the most influential people of history that too few people know about.

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