Before She Goes Away / Simple Rules to Live By

Before She Goes Away
Every day all of us move one step closer to our inevitable end. With each hour, minute, and second that passes, we are another hour, another minute, another second nearer to death.

Every time I think about the end, I think about the time in between birth and death because that’s the portion that matters. And when you look at the facts you’ll find that the current generations live longer than the people who lived in the past. The world average today is at 67.2 years which is much longer than that of the early 20th century (30-45 years), medieval times (30-35 years), or the historical Greeks and Romans (28 years). In other words, you and I have more time to enjoy life, to make a contribution, and to leave a legacy – that lasting representation we pass on to the next generation. So make the most of it. Like the girl that got away, time is impossible to replace.

Now you’re wondering, “Who got away from you David?”

… If you really have to know, her name is Cording, and she was an incredible cook.

Simple Rules to Live By
Saturday morning is my time for the kids at the Real LIFE Center in Pasig. For those of you who haven’t volunteered yet, visit this site: and start converting your earthly resources into real treasures. (See my last post on How to Make Your Money Last Forever) If you can’t make it donate something. (Like a nice sound system) Haha! Shameless plug – but for a good cause!

The past few months, I’ve been privileged to meet with some of the older kids at the corner McDonalds to talk to them about God. I’ve had to adjust my non-existent budget to accommodate the appetites of 10 kids but it’s worth it. Besides, I’d rather treat kids than a date since they’re more grateful and not so expensive.

Because they are kids, I’ve had to simplify the communication of the Biblical principles we talk about. Sometimes we forget that a principle is a seed, and it’s only when it is planted can it one day give birth to proper action. If you’re wondering why people aren’t acting right check these three things: is the right seed/principle planted? Was it planted/communicated correctly? Has it been given time to grow? The goal with these kids is that someday they’ll outdo, outrun, outbuild, outdream, outgrow, and outshine me, so I really work on the seeds and the planting, trusting that God will help the principles bear fruit in their lives.

So I’d like to share 3 of the simple lessons we’ve talked about (on the days we are actually discussing something and not playing basketball or Counterstrike). Who knows? They may turn out to be fruitful seeds.

1. Parating magpasalamt sa Diyos (Always be grateful to God) – I wanted this to be the foundation of their outlook in life, that they always recognize that God is good.

2. Ibato sa Diyos (Throw it to God) – This is an alternate title for the only thing this mistake-riddled person can preach about: Run to God. Whatever you’re facing, however you’re feeling, run to God.

3. Magtanim ng pagmamahal (Sow love) – Spend every chance you can to sow love into someone’s life through kindness, generosity, and even discipline and perseverance. What you love you will value and protect, and when you sow love you tell others that you will value and protect them.

A Glimmer of Gold
Many times after meeting, I notice the kids still holding on to uneaten hamburgers, saving it for their siblings who don’t share their fortune of eating in a fastfood. And when I see this I know, I know for sure, that the seeds planted will grow into something amazing. It’s a scene that makes my morning and my day. It’s a good reminder that life is full of these golden moments. Sometimes, all it costs is a box of chicken nuggets.

David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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Voica - April 25, 2010 Reply

Awesome David! No wonder there were those boys shouting your name, telling you to hurry up yesterday morning. (Note: Be on time for Victory Group! Hahaha! Kidding!)

What happened to Cording?

David Bonifacio - May 6, 2010 Reply

Cording was our cook. She got married.

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