Be Useful

Its is important to be very very useful. Usefulness simply means you bring great value to others. When you bring great value to others you become value-able (valuable). Something that is valuable is appreciated, it is cared for, protected, and secured.

The secret to job security? Be value-able. If you are able to provide great value to others than you don’t have to worry.

The secret to being self-confidence? Be value-able. When you know that you are important to others, not simply because you pep-talked yourself, but because you bring something of worth to others.

The secret to being a good workmate, to being a great partner, and to opening opportunities? Be value-able. If your being in the team brings great value to the team, then you are a good team member.

I’ve learned that in the times I felt least appreciated, I was better off focusing on how to become more useful, more value-able, to others than whining about why the world doesn’t see my worth or “get me” or is unfair. Not only does no one (not even my family) owe me appreciation, it is not their responsibility to make me feel better about anything. It is my responsibility to provide so much undeniable value to others, to live such a useful life, that others benefit. When someone lives like that the appreciation is inevitable and comes naturally even if they aren’t chasing it. #DB

David Bonifacio

David Bonifacio Husband, Father, CEO of Bridge. #DB

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