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I started this blog years ago as a private exercise. It’ has undergone a few changes, some of which were forced upon me due to crashes that erased a few hundred posts. Despite the normal frustrations of writing and maintaining a blog, writing has been a personally rewarding discipline for me. It’s an communication platform, it’s an outlet for expression, and effective catharsis  Most of all, it’s a journey, a personal journey that I’m sharing with you with the hope that somehow my steps will encourage and strengthen you in yours.

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About David Bonifacio
Aside from his artistic pursuits, I spend my time creating value through building businesses and organizations of significant impact, particularly in his roles as:

  • Managing director of New Leaf Ventures, a private investment firm focused on technology and tech-powered services.
  • CEO of Bridge Southeast Asia, a triple SaaS platform in Southeast Asia, providing Software as a Service, Sales as a Service, and Support as a Service solutions to companies in the region.

David is also director of strategy at CBTL Holdings Inc., a diversified group, and a director of Issho Genki International, the world’s leading brand of the food supplement Squalene.

David is an ambassador and a former member of the national board of Habitat for Humanity, served as the first executive director of the Real LIFE Foundation, and is involved in other impactful projects.

David and his wife, Yasmin Perucchetti, are expecting their first child and reside in the Philippines.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sir David, good evening. I am a part-time sociology professor at UE-Manila. I’m looking for a way to interview any of Andres Bonifacio’s relatives. Are you in a way related to him? I saw your blog and I am just hoping you might be related to him and also open for an interview. Thank you.

  2. Good day David. May I request an appointment with you? I’d like to know more about New Leaf Ventures and Bridge. On how it can help my services and other ventures.
    Thank you.

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