To learn more about my involvements and interests, please check out these links:


  1. Founder and CEO, Bridge
    Bridge is a private investment company focused on longterm opportunities found in the intersections of venture capital and private equity in the Philippines. I would say more but Bridge has a reputation for operating quietly and effectively, a reputation I hope to keep.
  2. Co-Founder and General Partner, Archangel
    Archangel is the largest values-driven high-impact fund in the Philippines. We seek to steward capital to rescue lives and redeem organizations. We wanted to an intelligent way to “put our money where our mouth is” or more precisely, “put our money where we say our heart is”. So we started Archangel to help build faith-driven portfolios made up of faith-driven companies that generate highly profitable returns.
  3. Venture Partner, TNB Aura
    TNB Aura is a Venture Capital firm focused on Southeast Asia. Our disciplined and methodical approach, allows us to make high conviction investments and work closely with the leaders of portfolio companies.
  4. Board Member, Access
    Access builds alternative financial communities, helping groups of people enjoy low-cost credit and other necessary financial services.
  5. Board Member, PayDay
    PayDay is the only payroll solutions company in the Philippines obsessively focused on accurate, secure, and on-time payroll processing. This has made PayDay the payroll partner of choice of the most respected companies in the Philippines. I love the steady progress of this company and how it continues to put accuracy, security, and on-time payroll front and center.
  6. Board Member, Workbase
    Workbase is an Independent Jobs Platform, providing structured gig-work, learn-to-earn certifications, and other professional services for the rising number of independent workers. I absolutely love the idea of independent work, where people work with others instead of for others.
  7. Investor, The Independent Investor
    Coming soon!!!
  8. Investor, Issho Genki
    Issho Genki is one of the oldest and most respected brands of 100% pure squalene from Japan. I probably take this food supplement more than anyone. While I don’t have any independent study to back up my thinking, but I like to credit it with my crazy energy, enabling me to be extremely active and productive despite my notorious lack of sleep and forgetting to eat.
  9. To Be Announced…

I currently consult for 2 organizations in their efforts to build the kind of organizational structure and culture that creates Clarity, improves Competence, and attracts Capital.