Those construction materials
They’re all over the site
But I can see the fortress
By my heart’s crystal sight
Unmixed cement, unpolished stone
Lay with marble, steel, and gold
On their own just metal and rock
Now coming together in one mold
You knew that would be foundation
When You tore into my rock heart
You knew that was the corner
When You rolled that stone start
And how You excavated my soul
This never-ending drilling deeper
Black rock by black rock, You remove
And make my inner cavern steeper
Many times I complained and said
How unfair of You proud Lord
You’ve made my portion this pain
While You blessed them with hope
But I’ve learned to journey
I’ve learned to travel this tunnel
And what I’ve seen by You’re light
Are beautiful etchings by pummel
I did not know they were there
Until my tears washed the soot
My eyes could not have noticed
What You’re blood did impute
Dig as You would, please
It’s You’re home to construct
I’ve learned to trust in You
To be devoted to Your instruct #db

Morning Favor

Peaceful morning, welcome
Rested, excited, affirmed
Basking in mee mercies
Your love, my place confirmed
Oh the joy of Your assurance
Oh the fulfillijg feeling
Of bein enveloped in love
Of affection fully revealing
A dream in my heart is Your’s
A callin not simply imagined
But a maturing seed now growin
To become what it is destined

The Privilege to Love and Be Loved

As a leader, I’m always looking to build our dream team that achieves the team’s dream. A large part of building a team like that is learning to grow in compassion (which is a talk Yasmin and I will be giving to a few companies later this year), with the simple idea of: Surround yourself with people who will put the team first, lead and manage them towards thriving, and work together towards success.

But what happens when a team member leaves?

This is from my journal a few months ago. I want to share it with you in honor of my friend, Neil, but also to help magnify the grace of God in ALL our lives, that despite our shortcomings, and despite the ups and downs of life, we are daily given the great privilege of loving others.

Many times the best realizations I’ve had come from looking to God, being grateful, and putting others before myself.


“This morning I received an early message from Neil, my friend and a member of the New Leaf Ventures / Bridge team, telling me he was offered the job he was, actually we, were praying for. It’s a job that fits him so well. On one hand I feel happy for him but on the other I’m saddened to be losing a team member. As a leader, while constantly fixed on the success of the group, I also understand the importance of the personal success of each individual. I’m sad he won’t see So I return to my thoughts of happiness for my friend.

Father, please be with my friend as he pursues this new chapter. Please bless him for the blessing he has been to us, to me. I pray that Your favor will follow him. That You make clear that which You have prepared in advance of him.

Whenever I think about my good fortune of having met such incredible people, I can’t help but thank God for allowing the privilege of the experiences.

I who’ve been unloving, surrounded by living privileges to love and be loved.

That is proof of grace. To have fallen short yet be give people to love and to receive love from them, that is grace.

And to know that seeds planted in the windows of time we have with each other will grow into something beautiful, is a glimpse of eternity, that love does not end though we are apart, and we live on, and we love on, in the lives of people we’ve touched.

I’m going to miss Neil’s data. The guy is a monster researcher and analyzer. I’m sure he’s going to my Gordian Knot* cutting skills. Most of all I’m going to miss my friend.”

*The Gordian Knot is a popular story about how Alexander the Great simply sliced a large rope knot that people have been trying to untie. It’s a story about how the solutions aren’t what people think and are many times the simplest.