Find Dignity

I’ve seen more people held back, including myself, by comfort zones, fall-backs, excuses, and hedges than I have from adversity, failure, challenges, and suffering. We want more of the things that prevent success, avoid the things that spur success, then wonder why we haven’t achieved more. And we place these on our children and wonder why they become weak.

It is not the comfortable who change the world. It’s the passionate. And there’s nothing comfortable about passion. It is attractive, it is powerful, but it’s not comfortable.

It is those who fail forward who progress. Those who fall back will regress – obviously. Why then is it wise to always need a fall back? Why is it unwise to dare?

It is those who stay challenged, who are dissatisfied with the present and stretch themselves to grow who actually wake up to a better tomorrow, not those who have found every reason to feel ok about failing to become the person they know in their hearts they can be and should be. That is an excuse after all, a reason to be nothing more.

And it is those who face suffering bravely who find dignity. We don’t need to have a lot of money to have dignity. We can have overflowing souls. We don’t need fame or external appreciation to have dignity. We can be self-motivated and self-controlled. And we don’t need to be comfortable to have dignity. We can be among those who understand that the most dignified life, the most honorable life, the most fitting life, is one spent on unselfish service and excellent giving of ourselves, for that is the way of love.

Learning More About Beauty

I now understand that kindness is more dazzling than the most beautiful eyes, that humility is more enchanting than the most charming personality, and that faithfulness, someone’s complete devotion, is more precious to hold than the hand of the most lofty queen. Looks fade, charm is situational, and achievements are forgotten, but kindness will always be beautiful, and the humble, being so rare, will be more enchanting, and the faithful will reap the treasures of those who remain committed.

On Trusting People Because of Associations – DON’T

Got an interesting message asking me about someone he might do business with. It was very smart of him to do due diligence.

If anyone tells you or implies that they’re my friend then tries to borrow money from you or get an “investment” ask me first. So easy for people to look trustworthy through associations. I’ve learned this is many times not the case. I’ve learned the hard way. Don’t base your decision on who their friends are. Check for ability to pay, for soundness of plan, for existing debts. Check for a track record of fulfilling obligations not escaping. Every business has downturns but not every businessman retains credibility by showing real commitment through hardwork, honesty, and a willingness to take a personal hit, a lifestyle downgrade, and even embarrassment, before costing others.

And be careful who you lend your credibility to, who you co-sign with, who you vouch for and associate with. When $h!+ hits the fan you’ll be one of the first to stink.