Love is the Christian’s Weapon

Love is the Christian’s weapon. It is Christ’s weapon against darkness, it is our weapon as well.

It is the only weapon that heals when it pierces, that embraces when it attacks. In love, we gain when we give, we are freed when we lock arms. In love, we find ourselves when we lose ourselves, we rise when we fall, and in love, when we surrender we win.

Love is easily said but difficult to show for we love the thought of it more than the practice. We love the idea of patience and tolerance yet are impatient and intolerant of those who irritate or inconvenience us. We like the thought of kindness but can’t be bothered to discipline our lifestyles to show more service. We like the idea of complete acceptance, of forgiveness, yet always have a valid reason not to forgive. We claim true love when we love foolishly yet forget that love rejoices in the truth and does not delight in evil – how can it be true when its foundation is a lie?

And like with everything in life, it is the practice of a truth that transforms is not merely the idea of it.

Love needs to be guided by theology, because love is authored by God. It is not a cheap, loosely defined word, but a powerful motivation.

But love must not be stifled by theology, then that theology is not of God for God is love. To know Him more is to know love more, true love at least.

Benefits Without the Cost

Too many people today want the benefits without the cost. We want the fruits of success without necessarily succeeding in anything. We want respect without the necessary respectability. We want security without first securing our values in our hearts. We want amazing relationships without being amazing for others, supporting their dreams, solving their problems, sensing and meeting their needs, instead of always thinking about ourselves. We want freedom without first freeing ourselves from the tyranny of our own fears and bad attitudes. We want a better world without offering the world our better selves.

When I Was a Kid, Wrong Was Wrong Even If Others Did It

When I was a kid and my parents would confront me about being disobedient or doing something wrong, I would say stuff like, “But he started it.” or “Why are you only getting mad at me? There are other people doing it too.”

I never got away with it. They taught me that just because other people are doing something wrong doesn’t make wrong things right, and doesn’t mean the wrong I did was permissible.

I watch our politicians and cringe that our leaders, grown adults, not kids, face charges against them like kids, not by answering the charges but by charging others with their own crimes.

And I cringe when I listen to voters who actually think that’s sensible. What is sensible for the political survival of one man is many times what causes the injustice towards millions of others.