The Illusionist

Just watched The Illusionist on the flight to Detroit.

It is an animated movie about a struggling illusionist who meets a young lady that believes his magic to be real.

It’s a sad story. At least I found it sad. It’s the story of a struggling illusions it and the young lady who tags along with him to enjoy his magic and the benefits of his generosity – without her realizing his personal sacrifice, taking on odd and embarrassing jobs, and finding ways to buy her the shoes, coats, and experiences that capture her in the big city. There’s I’d more a father-daughter relationship. He the provider and guide, she the dreaming innocent.

She is very grateful for everything. She’s a very simple and sweet girl from a more rural part of Scotland, showing kindness to the other guests of the hotel they stay in. But as she enjoys her time with him and his gifts, she remains oblivious to his struggle.

In the end, she meets a nice young guy and becomes his lover. The old illusionist moves on, giving up his bag of tricks, and leaving a letter for the girl that simply says “Magicians do not exist”.

She is heart broken but finds solace in her new life with her lover.

He is on a train to who knows where. There’s always another adventure.

My God Is In Control

Look at the darkness
A silver lining
Dawn is breaking
With perfect timing
So long black night
Good morning light
Greater is He who’s for me
Than those who are my foes
High is He who’s with me
Even in my lows
Rest my tired soul
My God is in control
Rest my tired soul
My God is in control


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