I’ll Take It

Woke up to find
The light replaced the night
In another day with you
– A perfect day with you

Stepped out of sleep
And the thought that filled my mind
Is how much I love you
– All I can think about is you

I don’t deserve this
So much peace
So much joy
So much hope
So much love

But I’ll take it
Because you’re giving it away
And I need it
I need it so badly
– I need you so badly

I’ve learned to trust
I’ve learned to dance in the rain
In another storm with you
– You and I we sail on through

So I asked, will you take my broken heart
It’s all I have to give
And you said, give me your broken heart
It’s all I ever wanted
– You’re all I ever wanted

More of the Past

Found this among my old notes. Wrote it for a female. It worked for a while.

As different as it gets
Different persons
Different planets
But love’s strange that way
Before you know it
Someone’s stole your heart away
But I’m not asking it back
It’s yours to keep
Just don’t let it crack
And don’t forget
It’s your face I see
When the sun begins to set
Don’t you question
You’re the only one
That has my heart’s attention
Don’t forget
Don’t forget
That I love you

Morning Thoughts

In the peace of the morning,
The song of the birds,
The touch of the wind,
And the taste of pure water
I experience my God
Though He is not everything
I find him in all things.
Even in my darkest moments
While partaking of the bitter cup
You set me up for greatness
And invite me to your side
Together we have everything
With you I have no fear
Together we will be victorious
With you I will rise