Elevator Stories

If you offered me the chance to enter a refrigerator, suspended 16 floors above ground, trapped inside with an old bald man who begins and ends, and peppers his phrases with the word “f—“, such as “F—! I can’t f—ing smoke these f—ing cigarette f—ers!” I would decline.

But here I find myself in an elevator experiencing exactly that.

August 22, 2008

Don’t know where to start
I don’t have a clue
Too much in my head
Things I thought I knew

Options all removed
Backed against a wall
Strength has failed again
Bracing for the fall

Don’t know what comes next
Can’t see past the hate
Trying hard to trust
Learning how to wait

But in you
Is everything I need
And with you
Is where I want to be

I will rest in love
And rely on grace
Put my hope in you
Give you all the praise


Her soul is the purest I’ve seen
Her heart beats for others
So strong, so brave, yet so fragile
So innocent yet so wise
She lives on a pedestal
Too good to be true
Too rare to be real
If I had not witnessed
I never would believe